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Volume 1, 1992
Bourke, Graham Museum well worth a look 5-13
Bourke, Graham The Kelly Gang 15-21
Bourke, Graham Into the vast unknown 23-27
Bourke, Graham Cream of the crop 29-31
Bourke, Graham Good sports, the lot of them 39-41
Bourke, Graham Let the games begin 33-37
Bourke, Graham Black Knight still a winner 41

Volume 2, Issue 1, 1993
Presland, Gary The Police Commissioner and the Historical Society of Victoria 7-15
Wernicke, Nola Experiencing work in the Police Museum 15
Horne, Eric Value of police history, The 23-25
Matthews, Bernadette Michael Midolo - a glimpse in policing East Melbourne 29-33
Gibson, Kay J. Recollections of an indexer 37-41
Grant, Mal Amongst the first of Gisborne township police 45-47
Presland, Gary Chinese detectives 49-53
Comrie, Neil Police act with great courage daily 55-57
Stavely, Ralph The Shooting of Senior Constable Fred Galliver 58-59
Galliver, Fred From the pushes to the Bodgies 61-62

Volume 2, Issue 2, 1994
Meates, Ian History of the Victoria Police vehicle fleet 7-19
Stavely, Ralph Victoria's major accidents 21-22
Taylor, Doug Victoria "Railway" police 23-26
Grant, Mal Police trapping in Prahran & South Yarra or Was Constable Bernard Rose overzealous? 29-32

Volume 3, Issue 1, 1995
MacFarlane, Ian HMCSS Victoria - the Victoria Police warship 7-14
Andell, Lucille Military pensioners ex HM forces enrolled for service in VDL & Victoria 16-19
Stavely, Ralph Anything for the widows - the Victoria Police RSL Club 22-25
Brown, Gavin International policing - Cyprus and other experiences 26-33
Stavely, Ralph Victoria Police honour roll 35-37

Volume 3, Issue 2, 1995
Stavely, Ralph Victoria Police Shrine Guard, The 5-13
Gibson, Kay J. Such men do much good (Part 1) 14-19

Volume 3, Issue 3, 1996
Gibson, Kay J. Such men do much good (Part 2) 4-6
Stavely, Ralph Preserving the history of Victoria Police 7-12
Extract from The Herald, 2 August 1902 ... and from The Argus 13-16
Haldane, Robert In the shadow of New Kelly: the study of Police history 17-20

Volume 4, Issue 1, 1996
Nason, Joseph Recollections of a Cadet in the early fifties 5-15
Harris, Penny The Life of a police wife - Mrs Ethel Cooper interviewed 17-19
Snapshots from the Wireless Patrol 21-29
Davidson, Jan A.R. Reid at the Police Education Centre 31-39
Harris, Helen Constable Walker's woes with women 41-45
Harris, Helen Index to candidates for the Victoria Police 1852-1872 47-49
Book review Bullies, bookies & booze (Owen Roberts) 51

Volume 4, Issue 2, 1996
Woolley, Colleen A. "The first 75 years" A history of women in the Victoria Police 5-19
Mackay, Katherine The first women police 21-23
On patrol with a policewoman 25-31
The Women police story 37-43

Volume 4, Issue 3, 1996
Stavely, Ralph The Bombing of Detective Bruce's house 5-11
Gibson, Kay J. Inspector David Armstrong 13-19
Stavely, Ralph The 'Mad Max' Incident 23-45
Harris, Helen The case of the conscientious constable 49
Book review Police gallantry (Peter Farmery) 51

Volume 5, Issue 1, 1997
Haldane, Robert Detective story 5-17
The Merging of the Detective Branch 19-21
Harris, Helen Index to candidates for the Victoria Police 1873-1893 23-25
Donnelly, Hugh R. Casebook of Hugh R. Donnelly 27-37
The Retirement of Reg Henderson 39
Presland, Gary Detecting Chinese crime in 19th century Victoria 41-51

Volume 5, Issue 2, 1997
Haldane, Robert Mounted police 5-17
Gibson, Kay J. Mounted Constable Dungey of Harrietville 19-27
The Remarkable Inspector 29-35
The last Victoria Police Trooper 37-41

Volume 6, Issue 1, 1999
Brown, Gavin Fatal shooting by police at Princes Pier, 2 November 1928 5-13
Harris, Helen Application for admission to the Victoria Police 15-21
Wall, David Origins of Chief Constables in England and Wales 23-25
Harris, Penny The Law breaker in disguise as the law preserver 27-31
Book review The British Police: police forces and Chief Officers 1829-2000 (Stallion & Wall) 33

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2000
Webster, Judy Some historical records pertaining to the Queensland Police Service 5-11
Bennett, Gwen Early policing at Portland, Victoria 13-27
Stavely, Ralph The killing of George Dodds 29-33
Grant, Mal Constable, you're "called to arms" to help defend the British Empire 35-41
Ryan, Brendan Recent happenings 43-45
Book note Heart and soul (Barry Dickins) 47

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2000
McPhee, John Clifford Millbank Allison, retired First Constable 7884 5-18
Breed, Florence The story of a mounted police constable 19-21
Grant, Mal Can you spot the constable? 22-23
Book review The other enemy? Australian soldiers and the military police (G. Walhert) 24-25

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2001
(Mistakenly given as 2/2 on the cover)
Erwin, Darcy Tasmania Police: a brief guide to historical resources 5-12
Presland, Gary Victoria Police at the time of Federation 13-16
Stavely, Ralph Gary Ferry's story 17-21
Clark, David Real [English] police cars 22-26
Book notes The Royal Irish Constabulary (2 vols) & The Dublin Metropolitan Police (2 vols) 27
Book note On patrol in Gippsland (David Carey) 28

Volume 9, Issue 1, 2007
Stavely, Ralph 'Spooks' and Corruption: Victoria Police in the Late 19th and Early 20th Century 5-10
Harris, Helen D. OAM Police and Prostitutes in 1880s Melbourne 11-17
Presland, Gary & Stavely, Ralph Writing Police Station Histories 18-23
For those who came in late (an index of Journal of Police History articles) 24-26
A Special Constable's Baton of 1848 27-28

Volume 9, Issue 2, 2007
Haldane, Robert The Snowy River Bandit 8-11
Erwin, Darcy John Watson: a matter of duty 12-15
Chesteron, Beryl M. New South Wales Police: a brief guide to historical resouces 16-19
Stavely, Ralph Every picture tells a story 20-21
Stavely, Ralph The Victoria Police Honour Roll 22-23

Volume 10, Issue 1, 2008
Stavely, Ralph The history of Mansfield Police 6-17
Burke, Pater 'Carn the Blues": Towards a history of police and football 1857 - 1930 18-19
Stavely, Ralph The Victoria Police Charity Carnival 20-22

Volume 10, Issue 2, 2008
(Mistakenly given as 11/2 on the cover)
The Establishment of the Victoria Police Air Wing 4-8
Haldane, Robert Policeman to Poltergeist 11&14
Stavely, Ralph The Police Strike Project 12-13
Women in Policing in the 19th Century 17&24
James, Ken & Davis, Noel Elphinstone Police Station (1853 - 1874) 18-21
Little Bourke Street Police Station 22-23
The More Things Change 24

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2009
Stavely, Ralph The Police Honour Roll 4-6
Haldane, Robert Gippsland Police Pioneer & Vigneron 7-8
Stavely, Ralph The Death of Constable Reg Lawrence 11-12
From The Archives - The Passing of the Old Depot 13
Patricia McCarthy, Nursing Sister at the Police Hospital 14
Duff, Stu The Living History Group 15-16
Breed, Florence The Mounted Policeman's Lot 17-19
Stavely, Ralph The Victorian Police Hospital Memorial Plaque 20-21
The Story of Steve Anset 24-25
Anset, Steve Police Stations of the Surf Coast 26-28

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