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The Living History Group is a small but dedicated group of Historical Society members whose sole aim is to bring Police history to life for the benefit of the Victorian public. This is achieved through the medium of historical re-enactments, street theatre, displays and lectures. The group also advises Theatre and T.V. productions on historical details, as well as assisting authors and researchers on historical data.

The L.H.G was formed in 1978 as “The Colonial Police Historical Research Group”. The L.H.G operated as an individual organisation, working in co-operation with Victoria Police Public Relations Division. For some years it advocated the formation of a central Police Historical Society. With the formation of the Victoria Police Historical Society in 1985, the colonials were absorbed into the society and re-designated as “The Living History Group”. The group works in co-operation with other departments of the Victoria Police to promote Police history throughout Victoria. The groups historical era covers the period from Melbourne’s first Police force in 1836 through to the Victoria Police of 1960. It covers historical scenes from gold fields history, to the historical transport of the Victoria Police.

Members of the Living History Group outfit themselves in period uniforms and equipment at their own expense. We are always ready to welcome new members to our ranks. If you are interested in promoting Police history through living history, then join the Victoria Police Historical Society’s Living History Group.

If you are a Secretary or President of a community group or society, why not invite the group to attend your meeting to give a talk or display? Why not invite the L.H.G to your next Community Festival?

The Living History Group, Victoria Police Historical Society promotes the lessons of the past for the benefit of the future.

For further details contact :

Cesar Ziccone
0412 353 747

David Clark
0417 543 828

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