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The Journal of Police History has been published at irregular intervals since 1992 and is the official publication of the Victoria Police Historical Society. Articles contained within the Journal focus on the widest range of subjects, under the general heading of police history. The journal is provided free of charge to all members of the Historical Society, as well as being distributed widely — to all Victorian police stations, to local historical societies throughout Victoria, and also to all university libraries within Australia. Unsolicited articles about police history are always welcome and can be submitted to the Editor, Journal of Police History, at the Society’s postal address: P O Box 92 Forest Hill, Victoria 3131.

It is intended that eventually the full text of all articles from the Journal will be freely available online, at this site. A list of all issues published to date, as well as the articles contained therein, is as follows:

Vol. & Issue No. Date  
1 [1992] View Articles
2/1 [1993] View Articles
2/2 October 1994 View Articles
3/1 March - May 1995 View Articles
3/2 June - Sept 1995 View Articles
3/3 March 1996 View Articles
4/1 Winter 1996 View Articles
4/2 Spring 1996 View Articles
4/3 Summer 1996-97 View Articles
5/1 Autumn 1997 View Articles
5/2 Winter 1997 View Articles
6/1 Summer 1999 View Articles
7/1 Winter 2000 View Articles
7/2 Summer 2000 View Articles
8/1 2001 View Articles
9/1 2007 View Articles
9/2 2007 View Articles
10/1 2008 View Articles
10/2 2008 View Articles
11/1 2009 View Articles

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